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How Insurance Agencies Can Market Their Businesses Online

What is a CMS?

Websites used to be built from scratch and that involved tons of HTML, CSS and Javascript files. Everything was very manual and it could easily get a little out of control. Plus, you would rely on a web developer to take care of all the updates, unless you knew your way around code. The world was in need of a simpler solution.

Enter Content Management Systems, also known as CMS. To be honest, when they started, back in the 90s, they weren’t very popular but as time went by and they evolved, CMS turned into the website creation tool of choice by millions of small businesses. In fact, there are well over 75 million websites that are content managed by these tools.

Why Should I Build My Website on a CMS?

It’s not just because everyone else is doing it. There are, in fact, many reasons why building your site using a CMS is beneficial to your business:

Easy to Use

You don’t need to be an expert in code to manage your website in a CMS. This is the kind of tool that will make creating and managing your content as easy as it gets.

Makes SEO Easy

We’ve talked about the importance of SEO and thankfully, content management systems are usually search-engine optimized already, all on its own. Even the way code is built matters to Google and a CMS will take care of that for you and make it easy for bots to crawl your site.

What is a CMS?

Offers Lots of Great Templates

This is one of the main features of working with content management systems. Most of them have hundreds to thousands of very cool templates, so you can choose the look you like the best. and if you eventually want to change it, you can. No hassle, no mess, no extra work involved.

Allows You To Schedule Content

Scheduling posts make it easy for you to stay up to date on your content calendar. You can even work ahead of time and schedule various posts for the future, so you can forget about that for a while and focus on other things.

Makes Things Easy with Plugins

Some content management systems like WordPress offer thousands of plugins to add functionality to your site or to help manage it. From plugins to turn your site into an online store, to plugins that will backup your site daily, and make sure you don’t leave any information.

Allows Multiple User Roles

Another great feature of CMS software is that it allows you to manage users with different roles. You might want to have an admin user, another user for your developer, and another one for your writer. That way no one is overstepping anyone else and everyone can have access to only the things they truly need.


Need a robust website? At Impressions Agency, we can build you a world-class website in using WordPress, so you can get all the benefits of a top quality content management system. Take the first step toward having the website of your dreams and give us a call or request a quote today.

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