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The Importance of Domain Authority

The Importance of Domain Authority

Different criteria affect your website’s SEO. Domain authority is one of the most important.

Why is Domain Authority Relevant to SEO?

Domain authority is basically a 1 to 100 score which search engines use to rank your website and its likelihood to perform well in search results (SERPs). This score is calculated based on a variety of factors, including age, popularity, and size. It is a logarithmic scale, which means that it is much easier to go from 0 to 20 than it is to grow from 70 to 90. The higher your website’s score is, the higher it will rank.

This search engine ranking score was developed by Moz, and it has the ability to check the strength of a website over time. Based on the score, you can learn the age of the site, how popular it is among reliable resources and how much Google trusts the website in question. For example, a website scored between 1 and 25 might be very new or not trustworthy, 25 to 50 is the average score for small sites, that can usually be trusted and deserve attention, and 50 to 100 means that the website can be considered a serious resource.

Why is Domain Authority Relevant to SEO?So, How Do I Build Domain Authority?

Link building strongly factors into the process of boosting domain authority. Why? Well, when you start a new site, your DA score starts from one, but it increases rather quickly as you gain more and more backlinks and internal links. It is important to understand that the score you get is not a definitive number. It can change over time and it will if you make a plan based on the current results and execute it properly. The best action is to improve your overall SEO and work toward increasing the number of links —both internal and from reputable websites— as well as eliminate relations with low-rated sources.

Your Domain Authority score can be impacted due to many factors; some will have a positive impact, and some will have a negative impact. Analyzing your site’s data is a recommended practice, so you can stay on top of performance and take action quickly when needed.


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