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The Importance of Good Site Navigation

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Is Your Site Easy to Navigate? It Should Be

Remember when there were no apps to help you find directions to where you wanted to go? Sometimes, addresses could be so complicated that just the thought of having to “navigate blind” to that detailed destination was enough to persuade you from going. You could say that is the same feeling website users get when the site has poor navigation.

Did you know that 61% of users aren’t likely to return to a site if they’ve had trouble accessing it? Navigation plays a significant role in website accessibility, and if it’s not easy to understand, you can be sure to miss out on potential sales.

Here are some of the reasons why having good navigation on your website is essential.

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Keeps Things Organized

You can make sure your most popular or important options are easy to find and remember through your site navigation. Items at the top or bottom of a list are more likely to stand out. Defining a good structure —main navigation and sub-navigation— will make your site more understandable, allowing your users to get around easily.

Helps Visitors Find the Right Information

Good site navigation is easy to use, intuitive and makes sense. Its purpose is to enable visitors to find what they need without any hassle, confusion, or potential frustration. When designing it, do it from a visitor’s perspective, not your own.

Makes Your Site More Appealing

When your website is easy to navigate, it makes it more enjoyable for visitors and persuades them to stay on it longer. Using icons to go along with your text will make it more aesthetically appealing, intuitive, and clearer.

Helps Your SEO

Beyond contributing to a good visitor’s experience on your website, good site navigation can impact your site’s ranking, which can help you drive in more traffic and increase conversions.