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Tips For The Beginner Content Writer

Tips for beginner content writers

Starting out in the world of content writing? It can be confusing. There’s a lot to learn and a lot of info available – so much so that it can be hard to know where to begin. And even harder to know what works and what’s current.

Content Writing Tips For Beginners

The Internet is quite an awesome invention, but take a second and imagine the Web without content. It would be pretty worthless. The Internet was created to share information anytime, anywhere. The tricky part is to fill the World Wide Web with content that’s interesting enough to keep people coming back for more. As content creators, that is our goal!

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As a beginner content writer, surely, you’re eager to learn all about content writing. We have made is a simple as 1… 2… 3… and of course, 4!  Four basic tips to start.

1. What is Content Writing?

Content writing refers to a type of online writing which is related to Web marketing campaigns. In other words, content writing is the creation of the text that will appear on websites.

2. Avoid Stuffing Keywords

Fact: SEO is important. Also a fact: stuffing keywords into your copy is nothing short of annoying for your readers, and it doesn’t rank well on search engines.

3. Don’t Leave Your Source Unrecognized

There’s nothing wrong with citing your sources. It’s actually good Internet etiquette to do so; just make sure to hyperlink back to the original site.

4. Keep Links Relevant

All pages on your site should link to other pages within the site. In addition to boosting your rankings, it will keep users navigating your site for longer.

Most writers will keep this in mind when creating Web content, but what they’ll often forget to do is revisit older posts and pages to update them with new links. Set a Google Calendar alert for yourself so you’ll remember to do this once a month.

In addition to these tips, knowing which tools you can use to create better content is incredibly valuable. Want to know what industry experts recommend? Check out this great article by Ferry Vermeulen at INSTRKTIV and take your content writing skills to the next level.

Content Writing Tips for Beginners
Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Up Your SEO Game

SEO, that’s step 2. And a whole other arena. Necessary and fun! Keep coming for more tips and we’ll continue to help you win the game in your content creation path to success.

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