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Improving E-Commerce Conversions for Your Business

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How to Maximize E-Commerce Conversions for Your Small Business

Increasing conversions is a topic that’s usually top of mind for business owners, regardless of their business size. When you invest in digital marketing, you expect results, and your strategy should support those goals.

If you have an e-commerce site, increasing sales must be a priority for your business. However, if your current results are not up to par with your expectations, some things need to change. Luckily, increasing e-commerce conversions for your small business might be easier than you think. Here are some simple ways to make your e-commerce site more effective and bring in more conversions.


Freshen Up Old Customer Forms

If your e-commerce site has been around for a while, it might be a good time to consider updating it. Customer forms are designed to be the first entry point for your customers. By filling out a form, your customers acknowledge an initial interest in interacting with your business. The form that collects that information should be clean and straightforward. If your form is too long or complicated, the chances for conversion decrease.  

Optimize Wording on Your Site

Optimizing the content on your e-commerce site is highly beneficial and can directly impact customer behavior. Using the right wording (including headings, slogans, product details) can make a big difference in your conversion rate. Your choice of words for a CTA can influence customers to click or skip it.

Improve Site Speed

Thanks to technology, today’s consumers are used to things being fast, making them a little impatient. Customers are likely to be annoyed if they are forced to wait more than three seconds to load a page. If your page load time is slow, you are likely losing conversions. Work with your e-commerce support team to find solutions that can keep page load time at a minimum.

Diversify Your Payment Options

Offering just a couple of payment options is not enough anymore. There are so many payment portals out there today, so providing a variety will make your customers happy.

Add FAQ Page and a Chatbot

Setting up a page to address the most common questions will help your customers find answers quickly. However, not all items are captured in an FAQ page, leaving customers needing more information. Setting up a chatbot on your site that can provide more detailed answers to a wide array of questions can make your customers feel valued and lead to more conversions.