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Using Facebook to Stay Connected with Your Audience During COVID-19

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How Facebook Can Help You Stay Connected

Connection and communication are essential always, but especially during though times like right now. One of the things every small business should do during this pandemic is to keep communicating with their customers through their channels of preference.

We all know Facebook is a robust platform, and during COVID-19, many businesses have turned to it to remain in touch with their customers. Posting, messaging, and going live have made it more accessible.

Here are some simple tips to help you leverage the power of Facebook to stay connected with your audience:

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Keep Your Customers Updated

Circumstances are constantly changing these days, and as businesses adapt, many balls are rolling. Your customers will appreciate information about what’s going on. You might have changed the way you take orders from your clients, maybe you set up an online shop, you might be supporting other businesses and your own, and you want to let them know how they can help, or maybe you want to express your gratitude for their loyalty and support throughout this time.

Set up a post with attractive images that convey the feeling of your message. Whatever is on your mind, let them know.

Image courtesy of Facebook for Business

Manage Customer Relationships Through Facebook Messenger

It may be hard to keep up with all the messages you may receive via Facebook Messenger. One great way to manage your relationship with your customers and their expectations are setting up automated responses. You can use it to either redirect your customers to a different channel, let people know you’re trying to catch up or just informing them that you’re not currently open.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Live

It is a tough time to have in-person events, but that doesn’t mean you need to cancel them. Taking your activities online is a fantastic option to avoid losing touch with your customers. Facebook Live provides a real-time broadcasting feature that is great for many things like hosting a Q&A, showcasing your products and services, or do how-to sessions.