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Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Businesses used to be confused about whether or not Twitter would be a good marketing platform. Today, ignoring Twitter is not an option. If your business is still not using Twitter, you might want to reconsider.

Twitter Marketing: The Benefits

To this day, there are still business owners that are not convinced Twitter is a good online marketing tool. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re just blurting out at a bunch of people that are not paying attention, but that’s not actually how the world of Twitter works. When used properly, Twitter is a relevant social media marketing tool and can be very useful for small businesses.

Using Twitter to Market Your BusinessGives You Ownership of Your Brand

Having a Twitter profile strengthens your social media presence, and keeps your brand name from being claimed by others, for other purposes. It also allows you to shape your brand’s story and gain influence.

Adds a Human Touch to Your Brand

Interacting in a more casual environment, like Twitter, helps you humanize your brand, making it more accessible to your audience. Twitter also provides an opportunity for you to give your brand a voice that can solidify your image and further appeal to your audience.

Makes Marketing Easy

Announcing products and services on Twitter is a great way to reach a larger audience. Also, because Twitter is a very interactive platform, you are likely to get a constant stream of feedback from your followers, which can help you improve your offerings.

Helps Improve Customer Support

Since being on Twitter makes you much more accessible to your audience, people can easily reach out to your business looking for answers and get them more promptly than before. The problem-solving process becomes much easier but for that synergy to take place, you have to make sure you respond to your followers’ comments and questions. All comments should be replied to, even the negative. It’s a lot like managing online reviews.

Great for Networking

Your contact list can grow exponentially just by being on Twitter. The variety of followers you can gain can form potential customers to influencers, suppliers and even potential partners. Twitter is also a very effective way to keep your investors up to date with your latest news and developments.


Hit the social media scene strong with the help of professionals that can assist you in making an impact and growing your business. Impressions Agency is dedicated to helping our customers thrive through great digital marketing. Interested? Let’s connect!

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