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Using Website Builders Might Not Be Your Best Option

Using Website Builders Might Not Be Your Best Option

Website builders offer a DIY, no hassle option to create your own website for a relatively affordable price. That doesn’t sound too bad but is this kind of platform what you need to build your company’s website on?

5 Reasons Why Website Builders Are Not What Your Business Needs

There’s a difference between building your own website and having a page that simulates a website on someone else’s site. It sounds strange, yes. But that is basically what website builders do. There’s nothing wrong with that, really. It’s just a matter of needs and preferences. These options might be worth considering if you have a home-based business or are starting very small. However, if you own a small business and your goal is to grow, you’ll need more than what these tools provide.

Here are some of the reasons why website builders are not what you need:

Website builders consPromotes Bad SEO

There are many reasons why these tools are bad for SEO. For starters, the code produced by website builders is a mess, which Google doesn’t appreciate. Most of them are flash-based, which Google can’t read —plus it’s an old technology and it’s also pretty slow. Sites on website builders are usually one page when a good site is supposed to have multiple pages, constantly creating new ones so that Google bots keep coming back, and your site becomes relevant and ranks well.

Kills Your Authority

When you use website builders, you’re probably using the same template as thousands of other people, because they usually offer a limited number of templates. So, let’s be honest. Who wants to scroll down an eternal page that probably looks like a ton of other pages out there? In addition to that, the result is not very professional-looking and your customers can tell that you didn’t put a lot of time or effort into it, which compromises your legitimacy.

Migration is a Pain

Unlike content management systems, website builders don’t support migration. So, once you set it up, you’re stuck with it and if you want to move it, you’re going to have to start over.

Website builders and responsive design
Responsive design is essential to a websites success

Not Responsive

This is the era of mobile devices, so having a website that is not mobile friendly is a really bad decision that can truly hurt your business.

Renders a Slow Site

Since website builds using website builders are hosted within their domain, and there might be thousands of other websites by other people hosted in the same server, being accessed at the same time, you’ll likely experience speed problems. As you know speed problems are also bad for SEO, plus people are looking for fast websites and if yours takes too long, they will check out other options.


To make an impact on the users, you need to consider them when you’re building your website, to create a good user experience through good structure, design, content, and SEO. Website builders are not a good long-term solution. Creating dynamic websites that drive in more business, is part of what we do best, at Impressions Agency. Let’s talk!

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