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But…Why is My Site So Slow?

But...Why is My Site So Slow?

Website loading time weighs heavy in providing a great experience for your visitors. Often times, page speed is affected by many factors which detract from their content and scare users away. Learning about those factors can help you mitigate the risk of slow site speed.

Top Factors That Affect Site Speed

Webmasters, site visitors and Google all care about how fast your site is. There’s no one factor that is always responsible for loading time or site performance to be slow. There are many and these are some of the top ones:

File Size

It’s no joke. Forgetting to optimize the images on your site can cost you. Page loading time is significantly impacted when the browser is trying to load all those heavy images on your website. It’s a good idea to make optimizing images before uploading a standard practice in your web management.

Top Factors That Affect Site SpeedHosting Service or Server Issues

The foundation of your site is your hosting service. If your hosting service is having issues and it’s slow, you can bet your site will be impacted by that. Pick a server that manages minimal downtime —0.5% tops— is reliable, stable and that is constantly being backed up.


The amount of data that is transferred over a set period of time, is known as bandwidth. Websites usually set a limit for that, which is usually managed on a monthly basis. As your site reaches its limit, site speed can be affected. This is actually not bad news for e-commerce sites since it means your conversion rate might be increasing, thus, there are more and more people interested in visiting your website. When this happens, it’s time to assess your bandwidth needs, as you might need to make an investment to accommodate growth. Kudos!


Some plugins are great additions to your site, while others might promise more than they deliver and might end up contributing to slow site speed. The more plugins you have on your site, the more time it’s going to take for it to load. Check your plugins and make sure you only have what you need. Don’t hold on to any unnecessary extras and as for outdated plugins, let them go, too.


Once a page is loaded by a browser, cache allows it to load much faster the next time the page is visited. Configure your website to allow browsers to compress your content and store it in the cache. This will save you a considerable amount of loading time.

Trust Your Site on the Hands of Experts

Trust Your Site in the Hands of Experts

It can be hard to identify the main cause of slow site speed, especially for small businesses that might not be all that knowledgeable about the ins and outs of website performance. Impressions Agency will manage your website using WordPress, we will care for every detail to make sure the experience we’re providing your visitors is the best and truly reflects your brand. Want your website to be managed by experts? Give us a call.



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