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What Does ‘Online Presence’ Mean?

The Value of Digital Marketing for Starting Businesses

If you Googled your business’ name right now, what would you find?

Elements of an Effective Online Presence

The term ‘online presence’ has evolved in its meaning over the years. Some years ago, when it came to be present online, all you had to worry about was having a nice website —you know, a decent site with good content and images, but that’s very far from what it means today.

Having an online presence these days means to be actively involved in many areas of the digital world so that when someone looks up your name online, there is proof of your existence. Customers are everywhere, and that’s where you want to be. The list of essential elements of an online presence includes:

  • Website development
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Web Analytics

If you don’t have at least that, it’s time to get to work. Now, having a website, running a blog or posting things on social media means you’re “present” online, but it doesn’t mean your presence is effective enough to render the results you expect. Here are four elements of an effective online presence.

Keywords That Strongly Relate to Your Target Market

If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know how to get there? Having a clear understanding of what your target market is, is essential to define how you’ll approach your customers and get their attention. Identifying keywords that are tightly related to your market and applying them to your digital marketing strategies is the best way to make sure your audience can reach you via search.

4 Elements of an Effective Online PresenceSocial Media Interaction

Your posts need to be engaging so that you can establish a relationship with your audience via social media. Communicate your message clearly over a variety of social media platforms to make sure you reach your target audience.

Consistent High-Volume Traffic

Traffic is essential to keep your name relevant. Once you have a website and social media accounts, define a strategy that can help you promote your brand, gain followers and increase traffic. You’re not looking for peaks of traffic, but rather a steady volume of high volume traffic.

Capturing and Converting Leads

You know you have an efficient online presence if you’re capturing leads and eventually converting them to customers. Taking people through your sales funnel is good showing that your online presence is giving you positive results.


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