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Why Your Business Needs Call Tracking

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Call Tracking Matters and Here’s Why

Digital marketing is essential for small businesses. But, when thinking of digital marketing, call tracking might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

Call tracking is a crucial component of a marketing analytics strategy, as it allows you to understand better which digital marketing tactics are motivating your customers to pick up the phone and give you a call —an essential piece of lead and conversion data.

Call tracking software is a great tool that can help you dive a little deeper into customer behavior and also help you understand which are the best ways to reach your target audience. Here are some of the reasons why integrating call tracking into your marketing efforts can be valuable to your business.

Phone Calls are Important

Although these days, it may seem like every bit of interaction is done via the internet, inbound calls are particularly crucial for a business, especially for specific industries like home services, dental and cosmetic surgery, legal, real estate, and hotels and travel. Call tracking allows you to see how valuable your online marketing efforts are.

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You Can Serve and Track Multiple Business Locations

If you have more than one business location, you must have independent phone numbers. That is a better option than toll-free numbers as toll-free numbers can make people feel like they will be re-directed to a call center, which —in some cases—can prevent them from calling. Call tracking allows you to set up local numbers so you can track what’s making your customers engage in different locations. This way, you can plan improvements based on the needs of the customers in each area.

Helps You Understand Which Keywords are Triggering Calls

You can set up call tracking for specific keywords, so you can see if what you consider a strong keyword is working as expected. That is an excellent tool for optimization as it allows you to make better-informed SEO decisions.


Call tracking helps you better manage your relationship with your clients and take that relationship to the next level.