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4 Social Media Tips to Improve SEO

4 Social Media Tips to Improve SEO

Social media has an impact on SEO and when handled properly, it can be a good ally in increasing your search ranking.

Improve SEO with These Social Media Practices

We’ve seen two social media practices that have a negative impact on SEO. Now that you know what you shouldn’t do, here are 4 social media practices you could implement which can boost SEO:

Create Opportunities by Optimizing Posts

There is room for social media posts to show up in SERPs, but for that you’ll need to optimize your posts. Optimized posts are usually made of two things: a link and descriptive text. The first one can be a link to an article, video, or an infographic, for example, then the text will be something related to what you’re sharing containing keywords that describe what searches you want to become a result for. Adding seasonal keywords is also a good way to fight for a good spot in search results.

Encourage Other Sites to Link to Your Content

External inbound links are of great benefit to your SEO. As you gain more and more external links, your brand authority will improve, as a far as Google is concerned, because those links imply others are trusting of your brand which builds a good reputation. The first step for this to be possible is to generate content that is high-quality and appeals to people, otherwise, encouraging external inbound links will be quite complicated.

Promote Social Sharing for Better Brand AuthorityPromote Social Sharing for Better Brand Authority

This practice is related to the external linking one we already discussed. The trick here is that social sharing, like external link building, improves brand authority, as it implies that others are validating your brand, which Google considers extremely valuable. There are various approaches you can use to promote social sharing, like offering rewards for shares or implementing posts that encourage interactions. More shares can bring in more followers, and more followers can increase your shares. See where we’re going with this?

Optimize Posts for Local Searches

You can become more visible in local searches by becoming more active in your community. For example, take part in local fairs, trade shows, and other events. Make sure you take plenty of photos, share them via social media and then encourage your local followers to comment, like or share. You can also interact with other local business on social media by tagging them in posts. Doing this will allow search engines to pick up on your local authority signals, giving an opportunity to show up in local SERPs.


As you gain more understanding on how social media impacts SEO, you will become better at managing your efforts to drive SEO improvement. Getting professional help to achieve this is the more efficient approach. Impressions Agency can help you design an integrated strategy that will generate a positive impact across your digital marketing efforts.

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