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5 Local Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Geo-Targeting Products and Services

These Local Marketing Strategies Can Help Your Business Succeed

Local marketing is beneficial for businesses that mostly operate from a physical location, such as workshops, professional services such as accountants or insurance agents, advisors or consultants, medical practices, or retail operations. Targeting audiences near your location is essential for your small business, and it can help position your business in front of potential customers that are close to you.

Through local marketing, you can be more effective in spending your advertising budget. By focusing on a more targeted audience —nearby customers— your conversion rates may improve. Local marketing doesn’t require overcomplicated steps to get started. It can be easier than you might think.

Here are some local marketing strategies that can benefit your small business:

Localize Your Website

Optimizing your website is vital if you want to drive in traffic, but you want to attract local businesses, then you need to localize your website. This means you must identify relevant keywords and phrases based on local SEO. What would the local audience search for if they were looking for a service like yours? Using keyword research tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console can help you pin-point local terms that you can use on your website.

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Keep Your Mega Descriptions, and Title Tags Up to Date

Website metadata can easily be ignored, but SEO must ensure it is updated. Title tags and meta descriptions are all you have to worry about, as that’s what people will see when you show up on search result pages.

Your title tag should be under 60 characters and be relevant to your location and brand. Your meta description could potentially improve your click-through rate as it serves as a sneak peek of what they will find on your website if they decide to click.

Create a Landing Page for Each of Your Locations

If you have more than one physical location, there should be a designated landing page on your website for each one. Each page should provide details about that specific location, such as phone number, email address, business hours, and directions to get there.  

Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Your social media profiles could help improve your local SEO, provided that they offer accurate information about your business. This is also a place where you want to make sure your business location, contact information, and business hours are correct. You can also optimize your social media content with relevant keywords.

Claim Your Listing on GMB

Claiming your GMB listing is one of the most effective local marketing strategies. It gives your business more visibility and can boost your local SEO. Once claimed, you want to optimize it and make sure all your information is up to date, as it should be on all other platforms and channels. When people Google your business name, your listing is the first thing that will come up in SERPs. It’s your chance to make a first impression, so it better be a good one. ?