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Beat Your Competition with the Best SEO

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Good SEO Can Give You an Edge Over Your Competitors

Any business will highly benefit from implementing best practices for Search Engine Optimization, a.k.a. SEO. As you may already know, SEO will help you rank higher on search results, thus improving your visibility online, and increasing ROI.

SEO is a marketing strategy that takes time, but some things can help you improve it quickly. Here are some tips for bettering your SEO that can help you get ahead of your competition.

Audit Your SEO

Ideally, SEO should be adequately implemented from the get-go to ensure the strategy is successful. However, you can work toward fixing it if it was initially not a priority. Considering that you already have a website, you want to optimize your content for search engines. Do an audit on your website to see how your SEO is doing. That will help you identify which things you should work on first.

3 Updates to Mobile Page Speed You Should Consider

Check Your Page Loading Times

No one appreciates a website that takes forever to load. Especially not Google. If your website’s loading time is more than it should be, you can be sure it will impact your ranking. Did you know that 40% of users are likely to abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds for a page to load?

There are many reasons why your website may be slow. Tending to those issues will help you ‘up’ your SEO game.

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

The days when mobile web design was optional are gone. Today, almost half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. For businesses to better serve their users, they must make their sites mobile-friendly. Google’s algorithm took a mobile-first approach. So, if your website is not responsive, not only are you possibly losing customers, you’re also affecting your ranking.

Review Your Links and Clean Them Up

Have you ever clicked on a link on some website and got a 404 error? That is one of the things that Google frowns upon. Taking time to clean up your connections is an essential step in improving your SEO. Check for duplicate content (pages with almost the same URL) and dead-end links. Also, you may want to make sure your links are useful to the reader. Unnatural placement of links can also cost you.

Work on Local SEO

If your customers are local, focusing on local SEO tactics should be a priority for your business. Start by claiming the listing for your local business. Once you do that, optimizing your Google My Business page is next. You would be surprised how often companies neglect to do this, and it is a must if you’re trying to stay ahead.