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Common Digital Marketing Myths

Understanding SEO

5 Common Digital Marketing Misconceptions Debunked

Rumors are everywhere. In addition to being an incredibly valuable source of information, the internet can also be a place of confusion if you look for details in the wrong places. These misconceptions get carried into business conversations, and when taken to heart, they can lead to results that are the opposite of what you expected. Here are some of the most common misconceptions or myths in the digital marketing world:

Email Marketing Isn’t Worth the Try

Many people are under the impression that email marketing is a waste of effort when, in fact, it is a very cost-effective digital marketing method. It’s affordable, doesn’t require too much energy, and it’s a great way to generate revenue. It allows you to offer relevant content to targeted portions of your audience through segmentation and personalization. 

SEO Doesn’t Work

SEO has changed —or evolved—a lot over the years. Search is a huge component of digital marketing success because anyone who’s looking for a business like yours will most likely look for it online through a search engine. If you do not optimize your content for search, it is possible you are not going to show up at the top of the organic search result places, and your audience will end up choosing your competitor —who is showing up in SERPs— over you.

How To Update Your Social Identity After Rebranding

Social Media Isn’t Necessary

In an era when people communicate mostly through digital methods, businesses need to keep up and have a strong online presence to compete in the marketplace. Social media is part of those channels, and companies need to leverage it. The exception here is for brands that are involved in some sensitive regions and are prohibited by law to be on social media. As for the rest of businesses, if they’re not on social media, they’re missing out.

You Don’t Have to Define an Audience

The days when marketers would target everyone are gone. These days we’ve learned that defining your audience is essential. Businesses need to understand who they are speaking to, so they can accurately get their message across, providing an excellent experience to their audience.

Mobile Apps Are a Must

An app is great when it has a purpose; when it can fulfill the actual needs of your customers. If there is no practical value attached to it, likely, that isn’t a worthy investment for your business. It is not relevant for every business. You might be better off analyzing your needs to find a more suitable digital marketing method that will give you the results you need.