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Are Your Email Marketing Campaigns Generating Engagement?

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Email Marketing Engagement Matters

Email marketing is not a groundbreaking way to promote your business. It may not seem like the most exciting type of digital marketing, but it is effective.

Did you know that approximately 70% of people aged 18 to 34 use email as a preferred way to communicate with companies? In fact, that number increases when we look at what people aged 35 to 44 or 45 to 54 prefer. That means the opportunity is there. Your customers want to remain in touch with you via email. So, how do you know if your email marketing campaign is rendering the results you expect?

Engagement basically means how much your readers are opening your emails or interacting with them somehow, like clicking on a link. Looking at metrics like opens, reopens, replies, forwards and other types of interactions, you can understand the level of engagement of your customers with your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is measurable

Engagement Should be Top of Mind

When creating an email marketing campaign, the main idea is not to just generate mass emails and distribute them to a long list of subscribers. It may sound simple but sometimes your team of professionals can help light the way. Even if your emails look nice, are they really what your readers want or need? After all, your leads will only turn into customers if they show interest and start engaging with you. The components of an email are subject and preheader text, message and copy, and lastly, CTAs. Putting thought into each will really make a difference. 

How you craft your emails will directly impact engagement but there are other elements that can help you produce a successful email marketing campaign. It’s all about careful and thoughtful planning. That’s what will take your email marketing campaign from good to great!