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How the Pandemic Has Affected Reputation Management

Reputation management for small businesses

Reputation Management During COVID-19

The year 2020 is one for the books. Since the world began to experience the shifting circumstances of COVID-19, everyone started looking for ways to cope. In terms of marketing, businesses have had to think outside the box to remain profitable.

This year has turned the world upside down in every aspect, and it is safe to say it has changed everything, including reputation management.

A business’s online reputation comes from reviews, ratings, comments, and other user-generated content posted online. Reputation management refers to monitoring and reacting to that information to safeguard the importance of a business.

When the pandemic started, businesses had to alter their work hours due to government instructions. Customers would find stores closed, which triggered many negative reviews. Google shut down those reviews back then because those were unfair negative ones since businesses had no choice but to close their doors or alter their service hours to comply with government instructions. Had Google not done that, the flood of negative reviews would have affected the online reputation of many businesses.

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Managing Online Reputation Today

The downside to Google’s approach is the loss of many positive reviews in the process, which forced marketers to work harder to get those numbers back to where they needed to be. Today, business owners must remember that it is essential to increase brand awareness to ensure they remain top of mind for their loyal customers.

Thanks to the Internet, businesses have been able to continue interacting and engaging with their customers despite the latest events. Everyone is online looking for the products and services they need. Every word that your potential customers read about you online could either motivate them to contact you or push them away. That’s why online reputation management is more critical than ever and can impact your short-term and long-term success.