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How to Approach Business Marketing Post-COVID-19

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Essential Tips to Market Your Business the Right Way During the Pandemic

There is no doubt that business and consumer behavior has changed since the Covid-19 outbreak. Things are constantly changing, and businesses have had to adapt to this situation in more ways than one.

Marketing your business in a time like this is not a simple task. However, by studying the most recent marketing trends, we can see marketers are making very strategic moves, like sending more emails or marketing campaigns, and more customers are reading these emails, compared to a few months ago. For example, according to the COVID-19 Marketing and Sales Benchmark Data by HubSpot, by the end of June, the marketing email open rate was 17% and had increased by 2% within a week. That means it is an excellent time to start promoting your business, even amid Covid-19, as customers and leads are more engaged.

COVID 19 Marketing and Sales Benchmark Data by HubSpot

There are many marketing tips you can follow to support your reopening efforts, but here are two of the most powerful ones.

Let Your Customers Know How You Take Care of Them and Your Staff

Give your customers peace of mind by communicating what you’re doing to prevent the spread in your business. Let them know you’re complying with the established safety protocols, highlight changes in your hours of operation, and any new service you might be promoting, like curbside pickup service. Let them know all of the details, so they will have no reason to second-guess their decision to visit your business. Leverage your digital marketing channels —like your website and social media accounts— to share this information.

Create a Community and Relate to Your Customers

It has been a tough time for everyone. Your customers have had challenges, and so have you. Don’t be afraid to be honest about your struggles with your customers. You can empathize with each other during this difficult time. Those customers that value your business products and services that you offer will have your back and appreciate your vulnerability.

Stay away from generic marketing messages. Instead, let them know we’re all in this together and help them understand how your business —via your products and services— can support them during this time.