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How to Boost Social Engagement from Your Website

How to Boost Social Engagement from Your Website

3 Tips to Rev Up Social Engagement on Your Website

Your website is your company’s face in the digital world, but a good website will offer more than just general information about your business. Your website is part of your sales funnel, and it should drive people to contact you and take the next step. Keeping people engaged is every brands main concern when it comes to social interaction with their online community.

The engagement process doesn’t happen only on social media, it can happen on your website, too. Here are 3 tips for you to increase social engagement through your website:

Stream Your Social Feeds

Promoting your social profiles from your website is a great way to boost your social followers and get more website viewers while you’re at it. You can stream your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram —even your Pinterest feed— right from your website. The best idea is to include the feed that mostly relates to your audience. Something to think about.

3 Tips to Rev Up Social Engagement on Your WebsiteBuild a Great Blog

Most websites have a blog. If yours doesn’t, you should get one. Lots of benefits come with it. For one, when you have good content that connects with your readers, they are more likely to interact with that content and share it with people in their own networks.

Another way to engage with your audience through your blog is to promote the use of comments. Asking questions and requesting people to comment back on the topic of your blog, can motivate people to start using the comments section. This is a great way to create a highly engaged community right from your website.

Add Social Share Buttons

If you make it easy for your visitors to share your website, they will be more likely to do so. Making those buttons available increases your chances of boosting engagement and getting more shares for your site, your blog, a product on your eCommerce platform, or any other piece of content they find interesting.


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