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How to Grow Your Mailing List


5 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers

Email is still a powerful marketing tool today. People will sign up on your list because they are interested in learning more about you and more likely to engage with you via email, rather than through your blog or website. However, these days growing a mailing list can be a little tricky. Not only does it depend on a variety of factors like the niche you’re in or the type of content you publish, but it also is affected by the fact that people are more careful about who they give their email addresses.

The good news is that not all is lost. Specific techniques can effectively help grow the number of people that subscribe to your email list. Here are some of the most efficient ways.

Share Valuable Content

Valuable content is at the top of the list because nothing will work if your email content is not good. Your main goal is to make sure you are providing value to those who receive your emails. Good email content will make it easier for your customer to make a buying decision down the road.

Let People Know What the List Is For

People are likely to hesitate to enter a mailing list if they aren’t sure of its purpose. What are they signing up for, a newsletter, offers, announcements, exclusive content? Let them know in advance so they know what to expect and feel comfortable joining.

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Simplify the Subscription Process

The placement of your registration box should be strategic. Adding it to the sidebar at the top or bottom of your website is less than ideal. It results more effectively to place it in the middle of your content, or on top or below your page or blog post, where it has fewer chances of being overlooked.

Keep the Required Info to a Minimum

Realistically, all you need from your subscribers is their email address. People are more likely to feel comfortable giving you just their email address than having to share other pieces of personal information, like their phone number.

Motivate Them to Subscribe

Providing an incentive is also a valid way to get people to join your email list. You can offer them access to exclusive content, a coupon, or an e-book in exchange for their email address. Of course, make sure you see your promises through. Not complying with them could backfire and result in people not trusting your business.


Don’t give up on email marketing. Instead, take the necessary steps to grow your mailing list and watch how it can help increase sales and interactions.