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How to Use Google Review Likes ?

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Tips for Using Google’s Review Likes Function

We know Google reviews are essential for business and SEO. Research has shown that around 90% of consumers consider online reviews to be highly relevant when making a purchase decision. Replying to those reviews is also a good thing from customer service and an SEO point of view.

Google introduced the review likes function in 2016. It can be very positive, but you have to be careful. Just like fake good reviews are not good for business, fake likes aren’t either. Here are some guidelines for business owners on how to use this feature.

Don’t Be Afraid to Like Positive Reviews

If you are pleased with a review, go ahead and hit the thumbs up button. It’s cool. It’s also a nice way to let the customer know you read their review. You can also complement that with a nice, short reply. It could have some influence on what could end up on the front of your Google My Business page; it also could not influence at all. We can’t be sure, but at least it will make you look like you care.

hands holding iphoneAvoid Asking Your Employees to Like Your Reviews

Buying likes is not a good thing. Too many sudden likes could trigger Google’s algorithm for spam, and you risk losing that review or having issues with your page and affecting your reputation. Likes are great, but they should come naturally. Don’t be tempted to force them.

Avoid Liking Your Competitors Negative Reviews

It won’t only make you look bad, it’s also somewhat unethical and is likely to affect you directly.

Flag the Review If Needed

If you notice review likes are inflating on both positive and negative reviews, and you suspect someone is behind it, go ahead and flag that review. This is what Google recommends.

Google review likes might not be a super high priority for SEO, but it’s good to keep an eye on them and understand how to best interact with this feature. Have you liked your good reviews yet?