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HTTPS vs HTTP – How Does It Affects My Website?

HTTPS vs HTTP and How It Affects My Website

HTTPS is a ranking signal, meaning that if your website is not HTTPS, your online ranking will take a hit that will affect your traffic and possibly, your business. But what exactly is HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) and how it is different from HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)?

What Is the Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS?

In the beginning, all websites were just HTTP. At some point, we saw how certain sites, particularly ecommerce sites, were now HTTPS. But why did it suddenly become so important to make the switch from the former to the latter?

Why Should I Use HTTPS?
HTTPS builds trust

Let’s start with the basics. Both HTTP and HTTPS are data transfer protocols that make communication between two systems possible. At plain site you can see the main difference is that one has an “S” at the end but there’s more to it. That extra letter stands for secure. HTTPS is basically, the same as HTTP, except it allows for secure communication to happen over a network. That extra “S” also implies that an SSL certificate is being used, which enables a secure and encrypted connection between the browser and the server.

Why Should I Use HTTPS?

For sites that manage a lot of sensitive data, being without HTTPS is very risky, as any data that navigate across the networks are insecure. If your site is done through a content management system, like WordPress, having HTTPS is the least you can do to offer security to your visitors.

Using HTTPS improves trust. GlobalSign did some research on this and found that over 80 percent of website users would leave a website or not complete their purchase after finding out there is no HTTPS on that site. Eventually, every site is going to have to make the switch. Why not do it now?


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