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Landing Pages: What They Are and What They’re For

The Value of Digital Marketing for Starting Businesses

Goals & Guidelines for Landing Pages

A landing page is a standalone page of a website that users can’t reach through a navigation menu, and most of the time it’s not linked through any other page. Visitors usually reach them or “land” on them through by clicking on an ad or a newsletter blast, i.e. campaign traffic. They serve only one purpose and that is conversion. There are landing pages to build an email list, for a phone or email inquiry and to generate a sale.

Types of landing pages

Email Lead Generation Pages ?

  • The goal is to get the user’s email address and, therefore, the permission to communicate with them further.
  • Users will need to understand the benefits of signing up and/or be enticed by getting something in return for signing up (e.g. a discount).
  • Once they submit their information, they enter a sales funnel.

open laptop on deskContact Form Lead Generation Pages ?

  • The goal here is to get the user’s contact information by having them fill out a form.
  • For example, you could ask a visitor to submit a floor plan, enter room details and their idea for the room redesign, because the furniture company in question is offering a free interior design consultation when you buy furniture.
  • Once they submit their information, they enter a sales funnel.

Jump Pages ?

  • They are a conduit between a marketing ad and the actual goal, which is a sale. The idea is to inform, entice or reassure the potential customer to buy something.
  • E.g. think of a music service such as Spotify. You need a page that will make it attractive enough for you to sign up for the service. You have a page that presents you all of the benefits of the service and then takes you to another page where you can actually make the purchase.
  • A rule of thumb is to put a buy button —a.k.a a CTA or call to action— somewhere on top for returning visitors that already know they are going to buy, and one at the bottom of the page for those that are ready to convert after they have gone through the page details.

3 Tips to Create a Great Landing Page

  • Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who wants to buy something, or is ready to sign up because they are interested in a product/service.
  • Think of something you would like to buy online and understand what their process looks like.
  • Check out some recent email blasts that you’ve surely gotten in your inbox and think about the process they are taking you through.


Landing pages provide a certain simplicity that is great to increase conversion rates. With great web design, you can achieve the desired results.