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Mix Up Your Content and Reach More Customers


Why Content Variety Matters

Content marketing is essential for your business to grow. It helps you drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and increase conversations. Most content marketing is focused mainly on blogging, and while blogs are crucial, there are other types of content you can leverage to engage more customers.

Diversifying your content portfolio can help you take your content marketing efforts to the next level. Your sales funnel is not a one-note experience. Each part of the process might require you to show customers different types of content to boost effectiveness. Understanding the customer’s journey is critical to identify what kind of content works best at every stage.

Variety Helps Engagement

Blog posts are very effective once you have turned a lead into a customer, as they help you increase brand awareness and stay top of mind, but there are different types of blog posts. Short blog posts allow you to share valuable content with your audience and provide them with solutions to specific problems related to your industry. In contrast, long posts are great to build authority and credibility.

However, at the starting stage of your sales funnel, a blog post is not necessarily the most appropriate type of content to use. In this scenario, exclusive content is more likely to attract leads and motivate them to subscribe.

Other valuable content types include:



Infographics are aesthetically pleasing, which makes people more likely to pay attention to them. They can also hold lots of information and make it easy to understand. Tip: You can reuse blog post content, turn it into an infographic, and share it on social media platforms.


Now more than ever, videos are an essential type of content. Due to their increase in popularity, videos can have a significant impact on sales. They can be informative, captivating, and entertaining and allow you to be very creative.

Understanding your content needs is the first step to excellent content marketing campaigns.