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Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

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Importance of a Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

Defining the concept of a sales funnel seems like ages ago. Initially, the customer journey was mapped by E. St. Elmo Lewis back in 1898 —the AIDA model, but what we know as a sales funnel today was proposed in 1924. So yes, ages ago.

Even if the original idea came up long before most of us were doing business, we use it today because it’s proven to be the best way to attract leads and turn them into loyal customers. However, the way we execute that has undoubtedly changed over the years.

At one point in time, there was fax marketing. Now, many people don’t even know what a fax machine is. The world we live in is all about the digital. As the world evolves, so do customers. Their wants and needs are different, as well as the way they interact with businesses.

What Is a Digital Marketing Sales Funnel?

In simple words, a ‘digital marketing sales funnel’ is the framework you will use to model your entire digital marketing strategy. It is a combination of marketing tactics that will help you generate traffic for your business and convert those leads into loyal customers who help you promote your business. That is why it is such an essential element to your marketing strategy.

Fundamentally, what you want to do is attract, convert, engage, sell, and connect. That all sounds great, but how do you do that? Here are three main steps to make that happen:

Establish Your Foundation

Before you do anything, you need to define your objective. That is where you do market research and build the strategy you’ll follow.

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Attract Traffic into Your Funnel

To attract traffic, you’ll need to resort to different platforms to find leads. Your traffic will come from various places, including marketing events, search engines, social media, email campaigns, paid ads, and more. Harvesting all those options will help you maximize your reach.

Move Traffic Through Your Funnel

Getting your potential customers’ contact information is the first step toward conversion. You’ll need to figure out what type of value you will provide in exchange for that information, which will also help you build a relationship with them. Whether they signed up for a monthly newsletter or submitted their knowledge to you in return for a quote, this is where you have the power to convert your leads into loyal customers.

Working with digital marketing specialists is the best way to ensure your sales funnel is what you need to achieve your business goals.