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Smart Tips for Building a Local Following

Building a local following on social media

How to Build a Local Social Media Following

People tend to care a lot about the number of followers they have on social media. For small businesses, having lots of followers is not a bad thing at all, there are other metrics you might want to focus on.

Having people follow your social media accounts from all over the world is great, as it gives you exposure. However, your local followers can have an immediate impact on your business. In contrast, someone in a different state might not be interested in the products or services you offer, but in the information you share. There is no harm in that, but if you’re looking to use social media to increase your reach and conversions, focusing on attracting loyal followers is key.

Meet the Locals Where They Are

Are people in your area more likely to use Facebook over Instagram? Then a Facebook profile is a must for your business. Is there a local forum or website where locals spend their time? Find out what it is and create a profile for your business. That will allow you to interact and engage more with your local audience.

Be Where Your Local Competitors Are

Is there a local online marketplace where your competitors have registered and spend their time? If so, you should be there too. Being where they are will give you the same possibilities of attracting a customer.

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Talk About Local Events

If things are happening locally, that relate to your business talk about them on your social media accounts. That will get people talking and help them take notice of your business.

Showcase Your Involvement in the Community

Have you been a part of any social event recently? Maybe you participated in a fair, fundraiser, or a festival. That gives you the perfect opportunity to show your followers you are involved in your community and gives you some exposure,

Geotag Your Posts

Both Instagram and Facebook allow you to tag your posts with their location. That is a great way to make it easier for locals to find your page get and get more people interested in your business.

Take Advantage of Local Hashtags

Do a little research to find out which hashtags are trending in your area —such as #Colorado or #CO, if you’re in Colorado— and use them in your posts wherever it may seem relevant with your content. Another great way to put your business in front of more people.


Try out these tips and watch your local following grow!