Build Stronger SEO By Putting Your Keywords in the Right Places

Using Website Builders Might Not Be Your Best Option

Keywords are a very important part of your SEO plan. Putting them in these places will strengthen your SEO.

The Best Places to Put Your Keywords

Have you ever heard of the term ‘keyword density’? It refers to how often your keywords show up on your website. It’s not just about using keywords. Knowing where to put them is even more important if you want them to actually have an impact.

Effective digital marketing needs strong SEO and strong SEO needs keywords. Repeating them increases your chances of  search engines pulling your content when those keywords are being searched for. Using elements of your site’s HTML is a great way to optimize your SEO and sneak in some keywords.

The Content on Your Site

Having your keywords as part of the text on your site is one of the main practices that can help your SEO. You can repeat them but not abuse them. Having the same keywords too many times could lead to your site being cataloged as spam.

The Best Places to Put Your KeywordsAlt Tags

You can use images for marketing. When it comes to images and SEO, you can get your keywords in as the “alternate text”. This field is originally intended for website readers, for those who are visually impaired. However, Google bots read that too, so you can take advantage of it and add a description of the image that includes your keywords.

Title Tag, Meta Description & Page Title

Don’t confuse the Title tag with the page title. The Title tag is what you see when your page is shown in Google Search Results, you know the blue text. The page title is the title you show your visitors on different pages of your site, typically within an H1 tag. And then there’s the meta description, which accompanies the Title tag on the Search Engine Results and should be unique for every page. These are all great places for keywords.


Another great trick is to put keywords on the links on your site. This helps you convey the importance of your keywords to search engines. You can do this anywhere, within your text, or even in the footer or sidebar.


When your site is content driven, you have a bigger chance of improving SEO through your keywords. As you generate more volume, your keyword density will increase. Does your  business need help managing SEO? At Impressions Agency, we can take care of it for you to help your business get the online exposure it deserves. Contact us today!

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How to Pick Effective Keywords for SEO

Keywords make the Internet world go round. Do you know how to pick the ones that will get you the most results?

4 Tricks to Help You Choose Effective SEO Keywords

Optimizing a web page is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider to build strong SEO and choosing the right keywords has a lot to do with it. Keywords are essential to rank high on the organic search results and also for pay per click campaigns. The point is, you need keywords —good ones. But how do you know which ones will work? It can be tricky to identify them but these tips are meant to help you out with this task:

Good Phrases Make Good Keywords

The term “keyword” sometimes falls a little short. You don’t always need keyWORDS, sometimes you need keyPHRASES. When people look for answers on search engines, they rarely just type in one word. Search terms are usually phrases that do a better job at describing what is being searched for. If you have a phrase that briefly but accurately describes what you’re offering, that could be a good keyword.

4 Tricks to Help You Choose Effective SEO KeywordsSteer Clear of Vague Keywords

Some keywords might somewhat relate to what you’re selling, however, it may not accurately describe your offerings. Instead of using broader terms as keywords, try to go for more specific ones that more closely relate to your products or services. For example, if you sell makeup, instead of going for that as you keyword, choose something on the lines of “beauty products”, “liquid foundation” or “eye shadow palettes”.

Repeating Keywords Makes a Point

Repeating keywords in your content is fine as long as you’re varying the context and the phrases are not exactly the same. Just make sure that if you’re repeating a keyword, it actually relates to content that is present on your website, otherwise you can confuse your customers and Google won’t be happy.

Use Keywords as Your Content Strategy Starter

The idea is that instead of creating content and then coming up with keywords, you identify keywords that relate to both what is relevant to your users and relevant to what you have to offer, and from there develop content that addresses those needs to attract more customers.

Make a Good Impression with Good SEO

There is a lot involved in optimizing your website. It certainly takes time and it can be a little overwhelming. That’s why there are professionals that can help you define a good SEO strategy for your business, like Impressions Agency. Let talk about how to bring the attention your business deserves through strong SEO.

The Art of Creating Must-Read Content

Producing content that is attractive and refreshing is not always easy but it is certainly the key to appeal to your customers.

How to Create Relevant Content

Content makes the world go round. It is essential to digital marketing as it helps reach a wider audience, increase your sales leads, boost brand awareness and build engagement. Lack of engagement results in customers not being loyal, which is why it is important that whatever content you share is relevant and adds value to your audience. These tips can help you generate appealing content that your audience can’t turn down:

Understand What Keeps Your Readers Up at Night

It’s not about just writing any 500 words and posting them on your site or social media. First, you must understand which are your audience’s problems or dilemmas that relate to the products or services you offer. What is it that concerns them? What are they interested in fixing?

How to Create Relevant ContentWrite Content That Addresses Their Concerns

Now that you identified the problem, it’s time to come up with the solution. How is your business going to put an end to their frustrations? You want to make sure you target those concerns and provide useful information that relates to your brand so you can get customers attention and they feel the need to approach you.

Come Up with Good Keywords

Research is the key. Find keywords that are relevant and trending in search engines. Search for a certain topic and find the most popular keywords that relate to that topic so you can incorporate them in your content. Use keywords wisely and avoid stuffing your content with them.

Write a Killer Headline

Your headline is the first thing your audience will read so it better pack a punch or you can bet they’ll look the other way. Coming up with a good headline is essential to having your content read.

Get Professionals to Help You

It may seem like everyone can do it but the truth is, it is not as easy as you might think. You can save yourself time, effort and even money by having professionals in the area give you a hand with this task. At Impressions Agency, we can generate content that can help your business get the attention it deserves. Want to find out how? Call or write today for more information.

Your Website as a Marketing Employee

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Get the Most out of Your Website with Smart Content Marketing

A company’s website is just like another employee. Think about it: the company pays money for a domain and hosting to keep the website running, and in turn, it displays information for the company 24/7.  That’s the website’s job, and the goal of its effort is to increase sales for the company. For the website to do its job effectively, it needs support from other employees. That’s where content marketing plans come in handy.

If your website doesn’t have strong or current content, not only will it be unattractive to viewers, but it may get no viewers at all. You see, search engines are how most people find the answers to their questions these days. These questions are usually a simple, searchable phrase such as “sign shops Englewood” or “interior decorations Littleton,” and so Google displays the top results for the companies in that area.

How Does Google Decide Who’s on Top?

Google bases their search results on several criteria, all relating to relevance to the search. For your website to stay relevant, it needs to have content that the search engine user is looking for. Since the world changes every day, that content needs to be kept current, too, or else your information may be quite outdated and useless for users who visit your site. Once a user has found your website, they become a potential customer for your business.

How Do You Ensure That Your Company’s Website Has the Content Potential Customers Are Looking For?

You think like the customer, determine which of your industry terms are searched for the most in your area, and then pump those terms into the content you put on your website. The searchable terms you put into your website’s content are called keywords because they’re going to be the key to your website’s success.

Style guides outline the rules for content creation
Style guides help your team produce content that’s relevant to your brand.

Before I joined Impressions, I worked for a family owned sign company in Denver as a marketing assistant. They had me create content for their website to keep it fresh for search engines to pick up on, and to continuously pump the site with the keywords our potential customers were searching for. As we got more and more potential customers through our efforts to optimize our search engine results – also known as SEO – we got more sales. So, the website did its job, but it couldn’t have done it without me.

Well, now I’m a part of a whole team of people like me. We’re a team of people who know the ins and out of the rising digital marketing industry. We know how to create an effective website that attracts users and drives up your bottom line. We’re Search Engine Optimization experts, content experts, and design experts, and we’re here to ensure your website is an effective sales employee for your business.