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3 Updates to Mobile Page Speed You Should Consider

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New Take on How Google Measures Page Speed

As you know, Google is always working on improvements and last July, they rolled out an update related to mobile site speed. Not only are they now considering page speed a ranking signal for mobile searches, but they are also changing their approach to measuring page speed. Here are some of the things you should know about this update:


Updates to Mobile Page Speed

Page Speed is Measured for SE

Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool allows you to assess your website. If you navigate to that page and plug in your URL, you’ll see things are now broken down into two categories: optimization and speed. A websites low optimization score could be due to site speed issues, but this is not always the case. The speed score could be “slow,” “average” or “fast,” and if it is “slow,” it could be thanks to a variety of issues that might be out of your control.

Page Speed is Scored Using Real User Measurements (RUMs)

Google now measures the time taken for your HTML to load and the first visual response that users see from your page. These metrics are pulled from Chrome User Experience Reports, so it is possible that those results won’t match those of other in-house speed tests. If a user experiences a slower loading time thanks to the internet connection, that will be taken into account when calculating your page speed score.

Optimization Score Matters

A web page’s position in SERPs and it’s optimization score are strongly correlated. Technical optimization has gained importance. The higher the optimization score, the more likely a page is to rank higher in a search.

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