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What You Want in a Great SEO Landing Page

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5 Features of an Effective SEO Landing Page

Landing pages are essential elements of a successful website. If you intend to increase traffic to your site, you want to create landing pages that support your SEO strategy, provide a great user experience, and drive people into your sales funnel.

If you want an excellent SEO landing page, make sure it has these features:

Attractive and Powerful Web Copy

A good quality copy will attract users to your page and motivate them to stay there for longer. Your copywriting should be clear, direct, persuasive, and dynamic, and include relevant keywords while being in tune with your content strategy and site user experience.

Be sure to offer a narrative that feels natural and fluid, and don’t just force keywords onto a paragraph to optimize your page. Don’t be afraid to discuss your value proposition and choose headlines that can quickly catch people’s attention.

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Clear Call to Action

Be clear about the actions you want people to take while on your landing page. Your call to action should have purpose and clarity, bringing you one step closer to making a sale. Stay away from clickbait and instead, be strategic and create calls to action to help you drive conversions.

Localized Information

If you’re looking to attract local search traffic, you must create localized landing pages for each of your business locations. This is more than just changing the address on your landing pages. To have the opportunity to rank higher on search results, you want to create unique pages that capture your local audience’s attention.

Back Links

Through link-building campaigns, you can increase your site’s authority. Find opportunities to link back to your landing pages from other pages within your site, like blog posts or product pages. Add your links in places within the content where it feels natural and makes sense to those browsing around your website.

Great Design

Appealing landing pages help increase conversions. Ensure your design fits your branding strategy and your site’s overall look while still representing your business or brand. By studying and considering user behavior, you can design attractive and effective landing pages that help your business grow.