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Why You Should Finish Writing Your Website Before Going Live

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Launching an Unfinished Site Could Harm Your Business

Planning a new website for your business is exciting. Once you get the design laid out and get a hosting plan and domain, all you want to do is get it up and running as quickly as possible, but setting up a website takes time and that time should be respected.

There are website builders that can help you sort of speed up the process, but they’re not always the best option. It is best to work with a team of professionals that can help you launch a good quality website. After all, a website is the front face of your business online.

Although it is not uncommon to get all anxious about launching your website as soon as possible, it is not a good idea to launch it without the content being fully written, and ready to face the public. Here are some of the reasons why it’s better to wait.

You’ll Start-Off on the Wrong Foot

First impressions matter, and you only get one chance at it. If you launch an unfinished website, you put your business image at risk and could end up creating a not-so-great first impression. After all the time and hard work you’ve put into this, is that really what you want?

People pointing fingers at laptop screenThere’s a Higher Chance of Errors

If your idea is to launch a half-done website and continue to edit it while it’s live, the likelihood that you’ll make mistakes that will be fully visible to the public increases. Plus, let’s say you publish your site with some info today, and tomorrow you change it to something else. The information that you publish should be consistent to visitors instead of being confusing rather than relevant or useful.

By taking the time to create all the content before you publish your website, you will have the opportunity to review everything that will be on there before anyone else can see it. And, you’ll be free to change anything you want without anyone noticing.

You Could Lose Potential Clients

What if someone is interested in your products or services, calls the number on your contact page, but it’s incorrect? Or what if you left out an important piece of relevant on your website. Visitors will likely go to someone else to get what they need, and you will lose a business opportunity. Not fun.

It’s Unlikely That You’ll Finish

Let’s be honest. As a business owner, there are a thousand and one things you need to care for every day. If you’re in a hurry to launch your website, you probably won’t have time, later on, to keep working on the things that are left. So, after all the trouble you went through to get your site up and running, all you’ll have to show for is a mediocre website that will likely not render the results you expected.


Containing your excitement to launch your website can be hard, but it is best to be patient. Content creation is one of the most important parts of the process of creating a website. Once your site is entirely written, validated, and ready to go, you can be sure it will be of value to your audience, instead of a reason to make them walk away.