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Gain More Clients by Adding These Things to Your Website

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A website is not something you build and forget about. Most websites are mainly informational but certain key parts are left out, and those are elements that could take your site to the next level.

What Your Website Should Have to Reel In More Clients

Is your website having the effect you expected it to have? If the answer is no, maybe it is missing some very important elements.

Responsive Web Design

At restaurants, grocery stores, bus stops, trains, and everywhere really, what do you see? People on their phone. It’s a constant these days. They are browsing and they are shopping. Four out of five people shop on their mobile phone. For your business to grow, you need to be where your clients are, in this case, mobile phones. Many people choose to opt out of a website for not having responsive design.

What Your Website Should Have to Reel In More ClientsGood Site Speed

Let’s be honest. No one likes a slow website. Waiting for things to load is possibly one of the most frustrating things that can happen while you’re browsing the web and when you bump into a slow site, you’re probably just going to hit the back button and go to a different one. Your customers will do the same. Providing your customers with a fast website will make their experience much more enjoyable.


Search Engine Optimization certainly belongs on this list. SEO is extremely important to your users and Google, which directly impacts your ability to reach more people. Having a site with no SEO is pretty much a crime and it’s your business that is affected by it.

Fresh Content

Content goes hand in hand with SEO. Why? Well, the more content you produce, the more pages will be available for bots to crawl and the more chances you’ll have to show up in organic search results —if your content is optimized, of course. In addition to that, a blog is a tremendous marketing tool.

Appropriate Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action, also known as, CTA is an element on your website that directs the user to take a certain action, like request a quote, sign up for a newsletter, or filling out a contact form. A solid CTA could be the gate to your sales funnel, helping you gain more potential clients.

Contact Form & Info

Don’t be fooled by this being last on the list. Your contact information is just as important as everything else. Why? Well, providing your contact information is as basic as it gets. If it’s not available, how do you expect your customers to reach you? Not having it on the site could keep prospects from trusting your company.

A contact form is also important because most people don’t do phone calls anymore, and they’ll want you to contact them. So, this is how customers can let you know which services they’re interested in and where to reach them.


Is your website properly equipped with all these things already? Don’t worry if it’s not. Impressions Agency is here to turn that around. Our great team of professionals will help you turn your website into a sales catalyst. Get your free quote today!

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