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Why Are Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns Important?

Digital Marketing Trends

Importance of Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

From all standpoints, our lives are driven toward digital, which is why digital marketing has taken a prominent spot in the marketing world. Traditional marketing alone is not as effective anymore, especially in highly competitive markets.

Brands and consumers want to connect, and digital marketing is the preferred method, but for campaigns to be highly effective, they need to be integrated and use the multi-channel approach. Here’s why.

Consumers Need a Variety of TouchPoints Before Making a Buying Decision

Consumers don’t take their buying decisions lightly. You might need to check several boxes for them before they decide to do business with you. They resort to information online to make their decisions, making use of different channels. According to Harvard Business, consumers resort to six separate channels; on average, before they make a decision.

Fresh Content is Always Wanted

The internet has made it possible for all of us to find almost everything we need online, at any time. Consumers are naturally always in the lookout for new information related to their wants and needs. Sharing new content, that is consistent throughout all channels of your choice, will increase your chances of generating genuine connections with your audience.

Social media marketingTraffic Comes from Different Sources

Studies show that about 80% of online traffic comes from organic search results, but businesses cannot ignore that mobile is crucial in digital marketing, and it gains more power every day. That means that it is wise to not ignore other channels, like social media.

Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns Boosts Conversion

As you become more visible on various channels, there is more possibility of reaching higher conversion rates. A study by Bright Oak showed that integrated PPC and SEO campaign generated a 25% increase in click-through rates.


Digital marketing is more than just a website or an email campaign. It’s a variety of ways to reach your audience online which can achieve incredible results when working together.