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How Can Insurance Agencies Market Their Businesses Online?

How Insurance Agencies Can Market Their Businesses Online

The insurance industry has changed. Old school sales and marketing methods don’t cut it anymore. Technology can propel your insurance business forward. Setting up a good online marketing strategy can truly make a difference for businesses in the insurance industry.

How Can Online Marketing Serve the Insurance Industry?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to marketing strategies. For them to be successful, they need to be custom made to address your specific business need. However, there are some basic things that you’ll need in order to create a solid marketing strategy that helps your business get on the right track.

Setting Up Your Online Marketing Strategy

The insurance world used more of a one-on-one kind of business. People would either call the agency or stop by their offices looking for answers or just to make a claim. This process worked, once upon a time. However, times have changed, and so have consumers. People want things to be quicker and easier than they were before, and anything that doesn’t fit those criteria is likely to be discarded. It sounds harsh, but it’s how the current customer reality works. This is why you want to allow your business to be available online because that’s where people are.

Setting Up Your Online Marketing StrategyDesign a Good Website

If your business doesn’t have a website, how do you expect prospects and customers to find you? In addition to that, having a good website gives you authority. Did you know that many people find it hard to trust a business that doesn’t have a website? So, you want to make sure you get a solid website set up, that is attractive, user-friendly, and that has URL that easily identifies you. Provide valuable information about your services and products, contact information and more.

Go Responsive

These days having a responsive or mobile-friendly website is a necessity. It doesn’t matter where you are, there are always people on their phone, which is why you want to make sure you offer a great experience with mobile devices.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

There’s a wide variety of social networks, and the type of customers or prospects can vary from one to the next. Understanding your target audience will help you make better use of your social media presence.

Include PPC Ads

PPC advertising can help strengthen your online presence, as it helps you target the way you advertise and renders results quickly.


Impressions Agency can help you drive online results for your business, through a variety of digital marketing methods including social media, PPC ads, responsive web design and more. Let us help your business establish a strong online presence that will take you places. Let’s talk about your project and how we can help. Request a quote today.

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