Authentic Content Builds Brand Trust

Authentic Content

Being authentic—showing the real you—is the best way to create the most engaging content. The easiest way to do this is to talk to your audience the same way you talk to your best friend. But there’s a bit more to it than just the way you talk. Good authentic content is relevant to your audience’s needs and speaks to them in a way they can relate and connect. 

Finding the Right Tone for Authentic Content

Take the time to figure out the right tone when talking to your audience or community. Your voice should be authentically you, and it also needs to reflect your brand while being appropriate for the subject matter. If you’re talking about something serious, be respectful of the situation. 

Authentic Content
Find your authentic voice to connect with your audience.

Build Brand Trust

The goal is to develop trust with your audience, which in turn will build loyalty. Part of this is taking the time to respond to customer questions and concerns promptly. This is the other side to delivering content. By pushing out content, you’re asking your audience to engage with you. When they make an effort to initiate a  conversation, you should be quick to respond. 

Be Available

In the same way that you’re available when a person enters your business, you should make yourself available online. This means answering questions through direct message, responding to comments on social posts, and engaging with your audience. 

When responding, it’s ok to show your human side. Even though you’re replying on behalf of your business, you can still be relatable and personal. By personalizing your interactions, you’re showing your authentic self, which will help to make customers feel secure while also building brand trust. 

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How to Come Up With Content That Will Make Your Business Grow

How to Come Up with Content That Will Make Your Business Grow

These days, a strong marketing campaign is an important part of the success of a business and content marketing is key.

Generating Powerful Content That Promotes Sales

Long gone are the days when businesses could get away with not having online presence. Now, if you’re business doesn’t show up online, it’s like it doesn’t even exist. However, just because your business shows up somewhere in the Google results, it doesn’t mean you have a successful marketing or content strategy.

Content dominates the web and has the power to impact people’s decisions. This is exactly what you want to achieve. Here are some tips to boost revenue through appealing content:

Define Who Your Target Audience Is

First things first. Before you communicate your message, you need to determine who you want to talk to. Who are you targeting? Detail their consumer profile so you can better understand what kind of content would be relevant and how you would like to communicate it.

Identify Their Concerns

Now that you know who your audience is, which of their pain points are related to your area of expertise?

Knowing who you’re talking to is number one priority

Address Those Concerns Through Content

The concerns of your customers, or their pain points, will most likely become search queries and you want to be the one with the answers. Create relevant content around those topics so you can provide value and generate engagement at the same time.

Choose The Most Relevant Platforms to Share Your Message

Your target audience might not be present in every single social network. So, instead of doing unnecessary work across every social media platform, find out which social network is more relevant to your audience and share your message there.

Content is the Way to the Heart of Your Customers

Don’t miss out on the chance to watch your prospect customers turn into loyal ones. Relevant content consistently delivers positive results and at Impressions Agency, content creation is one of our specialties. Let’s work together and take your business to the next level. Give us a call or write. We’re at your service.

What’s the Difference Between Copywriting and Content Marketing?

Content marketing and copywriting are two concepts that, sometimes, are hard to tell apart. They are not the same; however, they should work together.

Copywriting vs. Content Marketing

Theoretically, separating these concepts is fairly simple. Content marketing is about creating and sharing content that is free and valuable. The goal is to draw people in and turn prospects into customers and customers into consistent buyers. Copywriting, on the other hand, is done to get the readers to react a certain way, whether it’s purchasing something, clicking on a specific link, or subscribing to your email list.

Content marketing is blogs, podcasts, and email autoresponders.

Copywriting is sales pages, ads, and direct mail.


Creating a winning marketing strategy
Content marketing and copywriting

Although content marketing and copywriting are two separate concepts, they are not mutually exclusive. They need each other.

How Content Marketing and Copywriting Work Together Gracefully

Before we move on, there’s another term we need to understand: content. No, it’s not the same thing as content marketing. The whole point of content marketing is to attract people to a particular destination within your site, while content is everything and everywhere. There’s sales content, event content, customer service content – all kinds of content. Don’t waste good copy by copywriting without content, or by producing it without copywriting.

Remember, copywriting is the art of convincing your reader to take a specific action.

Use effective copywriting

  • Write interesting headlines
  • Clearly communicate to your readers how your content is relevant to them
  • Let your readers know what you want them to do next by including calls to action

Keep producing great content

  • Write for readers first and then make it search engine friendly
  • Be generous with your content
  • Refrain from making your content look like an ad. Make sure you produce readable content that provides value to your readers, even if you’re advertising

The connection is precisely that… Use effective copywriting, while you keep producing great content.

Voilà  Best of both worlds, combining strategic copywriting with well-thought-out content. Great friends, gracefully working together.
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Marketing Tips to Round Up Your Marketing Strategy

Your Website as a Marketing Employee

blog content writing tips

Get the Most out of Your Website with Smart Content Marketing

A company’s website is just like another employee. Think about it: the company pays money for a domain and hosting to keep the website running, and in turn, it displays information for the company 24/7.  That’s the website’s job, and the goal of its effort is to increase sales for the company. For the website to do its job effectively, it needs support from other employees. That’s where content marketing plans come in handy.

If your website doesn’t have strong or current content, not only will it be unattractive to viewers, but it may get no viewers at all. You see, search engines are how most people find the answers to their questions these days. These questions are usually a simple, searchable phrase such as “sign shops Englewood” or “interior decorations Littleton,” and so Google displays the top results for the companies in that area.

How Does Google Decide Who’s on Top?

Google bases their search results on several criteria, all relating to relevance to the search. For your website to stay relevant, it needs to have content that the search engine user is looking for. Since the world changes every day, that content needs to be kept current, too, or else your information may be quite outdated and useless for users who visit your site. Once a user has found your website, they become a potential customer for your business.

How Do You Ensure That Your Company’s Website Has the Content Potential Customers Are Looking For?

You think like the customer, determine which of your industry terms are searched for the most in your area, and then pump those terms into the content you put on your website. The searchable terms you put into your website’s content are called keywords because they’re going to be the key to your website’s success.

Style guides outline the rules for content creation
Style guides help your team produce content that’s relevant to your brand.

Before I joined Impressions, I worked for a family owned sign company in Denver as a marketing assistant. They had me create content for their website to keep it fresh for search engines to pick up on, and to continuously pump the site with the keywords our potential customers were searching for. As we got more and more potential customers through our efforts to optimize our search engine results – also known as SEO – we got more sales. So, the website did its job, but it couldn’t have done it without me.

Well, now I’m a part of a whole team of people like me. We’re a team of people who know the ins and out of the rising digital marketing industry. We know how to create an effective website that attracts users and drives up your bottom line. We’re Search Engine Optimization experts, content experts, and design experts, and we’re here to ensure your website is an effective sales employee for your business.