What are some of the Weirdest Things People Spend Their Money On?


The spending habits of the rich and famous

While we wait for Richard Branson to sort out the anomalies with his space tourism program, Virgin Galactic, let’s take a look at what other millionaires are spending their money on.

Virgin Galactic Tickets

Virgin Galactic.png
Virgin Galactic Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

$250,000+ a pop is chump change for the 650 celebrities and billionaires like Brangelina, DiCaprio, Bieber and Katy Perry who have purchased tickets on Richard Branson’s space shuttle. Or, what some are referring to as the most expensive roller coaster rider, ever. T’s like space mountain for rich people, but instead of just going to Disney Land like the rest of us poor suckers, they are actually going into space. Surprisingly, the recent tragedy with the SpaceshipTwo hasn’t resulted in anybody returning their ticket. But the Virgin Galactic commercial spaceship is just one of the many crazy things that billionaires and celebrities spend their money.

Personal Killer Whale Submarine

Rich People Toys Killer Whale Submarine

Is that $100,000 just burning a hole in your pocket? Well, don’t fret, poor little rich person, because you can spend it on your very own Killer Whale Submarine. It looks and moves just like a real killer whale would. With all the hullabaloo about keeping real orcas for public entertainment, like SeaWorld, you can put on your own guilt-free orca show for your friends and family.

Magnetic Floating Bed

Rich People Toys Magnetic Floating Bed
Designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars, www.universearchitecture.com

Bed frames are for poor people, apparently! If you’ve got $1.6 million, why sleep like the rest of us commoners when you can float in the air on a magnetically charged levitating bed? It will certainly make cleaning under the bed a lot easier; just don’t have any metal jewelry on you when you are vacuuming under this space mattress.

22-Karat Gold Toilet Paper

Picture courtesy of The Toilet Paperman http://www.toiletpaper.com.au/
Picture courtesy of The Toilet Paper Man

There’s a guy in Australia who is the self-proclaimed “toilet paper man”! It’s true. If you have absolutely nothing better to do with your millions, then why not get a 22-karat gold roll of toilet paper. Only one roll was made, and despite the totally reasonable price of $1.3 million, no one has swooped it up yet. Do you want to be the first to wipe your ass with gold?

My Impressions Impressions

It amazes me what rich people throw their money away on. I’m not sure what I would do if I had a billion dollars. Probably something boring, like travel the world. I’d let my husband follow the ASP surfers around the world like they were the Grateful Dead, and I’d probably follow him because they do seem to go to some incredibly beautiful places. There really aren’t a lot of material things that I am just dying to spend a million dollars on. I also hear that a lot of money also comes with a lot of guilt, and not to make myself out to be Mother Theresa, but I would certainly have to spend some of that money helping people, just so I wouldn’t feel guilty about buying that private island…Okay, I’d buy an island, and build a diamond-encrusted house, just because I could….and help people. Probably children. What would you do if you had a billion dollars?

Great ideas, great stuff

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I escaped the Box and decided to Live!

I was asked to write about myself and why I like writing for Impressions … That’s a tough topic!

When I was a kid, I never understood why we could only go to the beach during summer vacation and weekends. I never understood why you would want to live, work or study in a city… save all your money and go on holiday to the beach.

“Why not live there full time if you love it so much?!”

My parents’ answer was always the same, “you guys have to go to the right schools, we have to work in the city… blah, blah… maybe someday, when the roads get better (they haven’t)”. As a kid or as a teenager that was a distant dream, but I really felt a burning need to live close to the ocean!

I graduated high school, and then my parents insisted and insisted and insisted I go to college! Ok, I go to college, where I pursued cooking (but that’s another post). But felt miserable on the inside… “why can’t I be where I want to be?! … Bills, work, study, be a grown up, blah, blah” While in college I got a job at a call center, to get by and have some extra cash. What was only gonna be a temporary thing, transformed into 12 years!

Content manager esteban

Is this really what I want for the rest of my life?

One ordinary gray day at work, I was doing my usual. Taking calls about “what is this charge on my card!!”, “My audio book exploded,” “how do you read an Audio Book??”, just another day at the office.

And I started thinking, is this really what I want out of my life? Do I want to be here 12 more years? The answer to both questions was a big NO.

Long story short, I got up, resigned, moved to the beach and never looked back!

Packed all my stuff in boxes, put it in my grandma’s house and hoped to come back for it some day. And I moved where I always knew I belonged, next to the ocean.


Work has always been a vital part of my life so I started working on anything I could. First job a surf shop, then as a hotel receptionist, but I did not want to be in an office all day just like I was back in the city.

It’s Blogging Time

Call it fate, destiny, God’s work or whatever you want… But then, some people I had met from Colorado asked me if I wanted to be a part of their content team! Blogging? Hmmmmmmmm… never really thought about it, work from home, make my own hours, work my schedule around the tides, follow the surf all over the planet!! Of course, I was in!


And I joined Impressions Group!! I’m glad I did! I get to choose my topics; I have a great time researching. And best of all I get to do what I love.  I surf as much as possible, help out in my community, and try to consume as much stuff from my garden as I can.

It was a little scary at first; there were some bumps and flat tires. I also got a lot of calls from banks!! But it all worked out in the end. All I had to do was take the first step.

And that’s how we do it here in Impressions!

Living in the Moment…Or At Least Trying To!

Living the moment

Stress Management

We are all way too stressed out and we need to do something about it now before it takes over your life. Stress can have disabling affects and it does not care who you are, where you come from, how much money you make or how “great” your life may seem to be on the outside. Stress, like most diseases, does not discriminate.

I was just Skyping with a friend and catching up after way too long. As easy as it is to keep in contact with people across the globe from you, for some reason time seems to fly by and I never talk to my far away friends as often as I would like. It turns out that over the last few months, her husband had been feeling so stressed out at work, that he was not at home on disability leave for stress. Stress!! I knew that stress had come up in the news and in my daily life more and more over the past few years, but I never imagined that my friends husband, who loved his job as a graphic designer, who had just bought his dream home, who loved his life and his work and his friends and coworkers, could end up at home unable to work, due to stress. And this guy lives in Denmark, a country notorious So if this can happen to someone who lives in the happiest country on earth, it really can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

live in the moment
Live in the moment. Take 20 minutes just for you.

Put yourself first

It’s time to be a little more selfish, time to say no when you are being pulled in a million directions, time to spend a little more time doing things you love, time to step away from it all and just live in the moment, if only for 20 minutes. You will be glad you did and so will the people around you, because if you aren’t taking care of yourself, then how can you take care of others.

US Stress Statistics 2014

70% – percentage of people polled who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress

73% – percentage of people polled who regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress

33% – feel they are living with extreme stress

48% – feel their stress has increased over the past 5 years

76% – said money was the leading cause of their stress

48% – said they would lie awake at night due to stress

(Source: Statistic Brain)

Get your daily sun

Sun prevents stress
The greatest weapon against stress: sunshine. All you have to do is go outside, the sun will take care of the rest.

The sun is the most powerful weapon we have against stress and preventing the onset of stress. And it’s free! Plants need it to survive, and so do we. The reason you feel great after some time outside in the sun is not just a coincidence. The sun warming your skin will help you relax, all the while the rays are stimulating your body’s natural serotonin levels leaving you feeling happy and refreshed. It also causes your sleep hormone levels to decrease. It’s the simplest solution, it’s the cheapest solution, and it’s right outside your door.

When you’re outside, walking to the store, work or to a neighbor’s house, take time to notice the trees, leaves, plants, animals along the way. I know it sounds really cliché, but life is short, if you don’t appreciate it today you may not get a chance tomorrow.

So, to sum up: get your daily sunshine and try to live in the moment, if only for 20 minutes a day. And cuddle your pets a little extra today.

 Good luck! impressions agency

Want to know what I am getting for Christmas? A Fatbike!

fatbike is a bicycle with over-sized tires, typically 3.7″ or larger and rims wider than 44mm, that are designed for riding on soft unstable terrain such as snow and sand.

I came across this beauty doing some research for fun activities to do this fall, and it was
“Love at First Site

Regardless if you are riding the sandy beaches in Costa Rica or the Snowmobile trails in Colorado, this is the bike to have in order to get an excellent workout. And the best thing is that you get to be outdoors, no matter the season.

fatbike in the snow

Look it’s a Bike, No it’s a Monster Truck, No it’s a Fatbike!

The Fatbike is a close relative of the traditional bicycle but they are meant to be ridden under different conditions. For example the Fatbike will go where no other bike can. It will ride on snow, sand or rocks like it was nothing. That is precisely what it was meant to do. But that off-road capability is also it’s weakness.

These bikes are not meant for everyday use, unless you live near the Artic Circle 🙂

To go get some milk or go fetch an espresso, your regular bike will outperform it’s more robust cousin. But when the trail gets tough and your ETA is no longer an issue, this is the big boy to have with you, or under you… The bike is not meant to be fast, but it is made to get you there.

I imagine in the near future more and more families will start adopting the Fatbike as their vehicle to family fun. Because it is meant for that, taking it a little easier, enjoying the ride and having fun. Depending on what you are planning to do with the Fatty you can go for a touring model, or a more high performance lighter racing type model.

If someone out there buys one, or already has…

… Please let me know all about it! I am dying to get one!

Riding in Style with The Impressions Team!Impressions



A Little Light for Everyone! Much Needed As We Start The Holidays

(Cover photo credit MPowerd)

A great first Impression

Looking for topics to blog about, I went to Google for some quick inspiration. Knowing the Holidays are stressful and everyone’s looking for extra inspiration for gifts to please everyone on the list, I thought a little light could come in handy.  And we all need some happy and positive blogging. After typing in “happy news”, Google did not disappoint….

This is how I came upon Luci, my new obsession. We only met online, but one day I will bear witness to her light.

MPowerd Luci Lights
The solar powered Luci light comes in multiple colors. Photo credit: MPowerd

Who and what is Luci?

Luci is a tiny, compact, inflatable, waterproof solar powered lantern, and she is going to change the world. The terrible news is that over 2.4 billion people around the world have little to no access to electricity. This leads to burning of toxic and dirty fuels to get basic heat and light. This is both costly to a group of people who are already poor, as well as the environment. The great news is that the Luci light has the (solar) power to make a big impact on the energy poverty pandemic we are facing today. And, she is going to be an awesome asset to anyone choosing to live and play off the grid.

MPowerd solar power
Photo credit: MPowerd

Where did Luci come from?

In 2012 a group of likeminded, socially conscious individuals set out to change people’s lives by creating and manufacturing clean solar energy products that would literally light up the lives of those living without electricity. Inspired by the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti, MPowerd was born, and out of that came the little light with the big mission: Luci. She is the simple clean affordable answer to a very big problem. And you can fit her into your back pocket. Big things really do come in small packages.

The Luci
Photo credit: MPowerd

Light up someone’s life

So like I said, I haven’t actually physically “met” Luci…yet. But I will. She is perfect for my life in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is by no means an under developed country and I can afford to pay for electricity, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our share of power outages in my little beach town on the pacific coast. And when it goes out there is no telling when it will come back on. One thing that I can always count on, though, is the sun. We have so much sun here that it is almost criminal not to use it, and the micro solar powered Luci is just what I need to brighten up the powerless nights. Because whereas I can afford electricity, I can’t afford to power my whole house with solar. I wish. It’s on the “to do list”, right after winning the Lottery. Luci on the other hand, is an affordable solar powered light energy source for everyone.

Maybe someone on your life should meet Luci too? Just a thought for a creative, good Christmas Gift.

Luci living room
Inflatable solar powered light weight weather proof Luci lights by MPowerd. Photo Credit: MPowerd

My Impressions of Luci

I think it is obvious how I feel about Luci and the people who created her. She’s cute, she’s shiny, she’s fun and she’s inflatable. She fights poverty and saves the planet! She’s like a great big superhero wrapped up in a convenient micro solar powered package. For those of us with electricity this is a great little luxury addition to your home or your next outdoor adventure. But it’s a luxury you can feel great about having. Luci has made a great first Impression on me, and now she is going to help me make an impression on the world: by sharing the light.

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Are You Ready for Black Friday?

I have never been to a Black Friday sale

I’m usually too wiped out from all the turkey I ate the night before on Thanksgiving. But I have seen the videos and heard the stories from friends who brave the craziness that is Black Friday. Here are some statistics about Black Friday to get you prepared, if you are one of the daring that head to the sales the day after Thanksgiving. Good luck.

Black Friday Statistics

One in three adult Americans will go shopping on Black Friday. That’s insane. Seriously, why even bother? I know there are a lot of savings to be had, but we now have something called the INTERNET, and I highly encourage you save yourself the stress and anxiety and do your shopping online, far away from any Walmart or Best Buy or Target or wherever you intended to shop on November 28th. You’ll get most of the same savings and 99% will be shipped for free. Can’t beat that! Unless of course you are one of the 57% who actually find the Black Friday experience “fun”. I call them Black Friday adrenaline junkies. There is no other reason for subjecting yourself to that type of chaos.Holiday shopping crazy

Extra security in almost every Walmart in the US

Of course, due to past Black Friday tragedies, 4,000 Walmart’s stores will be beefing up their security measures in anticipation of Black Friday. That’s really great news, except there are 4,177 Walmart’s in the US, so try to avoid one of the 177 Walmart stores that aren’t adding extra security for Black Friday. Or should I say Gray Thursday, because we are not just talking about Black Friday anymore. Why only have one day of “you won’t believe the savings” sales, when you can have two? Of course, this means that Walmart (and others) are like Thanksgiving grinches, trying to steal the second best day of the year – Christmas being number one. Instead of being thankful and sharing good food and good times with family and loved ones, Walmart and company now want you to spend spend spend. Please, don’t let them ruin Thanksgiving. As someone who has worked many a retail jobs, Thanksgiving and Christmas were the two days you could count on to have off. Or at the very least, have a half day and be home for Thanksgiving dinner. Never did my boss expect me to return at 6pm to deal with rabid sales hounds. So, if you’re reading this, Walmart and others, be thankful for your hardworking employees and let them stay home on Thanksgiving and enjoy a little family time and delicious eats.

shopping ImpressionsMy Impressions of Black Friday Impressions

I get that people want to save money, and I have friends who hit Black Friday sales because its tradition and they enjoy witnessing the frenzy first hand. But Black Friday to me, means blacking out on the couch from all the turkey I ate the night before and will continue to eat all of Friday. I’ll sit peacefully at home with a movie or a book, shaking my head in disbelief at all the people who brave the stores on Black Friday. “Why do they do it?” I’ll say, “Christmas is weeks away, there’s plenty of time to shop, why do it on the same day as everyone else?” And I’ll carry that superiority all the way to December 23rd when it suddenly hits me “D’oh, I still need to buy Christmas presents!” and wouldn’t you know it, I am one of those crazy people who run around frantically the day before Christmas hoping that I can still get the stuff I intended to buy. Meanwhile, my friends are peacefully sitting at home, wrapping presents, drinking eggnog, and watching black and white Christmas movies shaking their heads going “why does she do it, will she ever learn?” Will I ever learn? Probably not. But I’ll take shopping on December 23rd over getting pepper sprayed in a Walmart on Black Friday.

Happy holidays everyone!

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Happy Holidays from Impressions

The National Park Service Might Raise Entrance Fees in 2015

Black bear
Would you pay $5 more to make sure this beautiful black bear can still live in Yellowstone National Park?

The National Park Service is thinking about raising their entrance fees in 2015. This will be the first raise in fees since 1997. In a time where it seems like everyone is raising their prices, it is a breath of fresh air that the National Park Service is actually inviting people to discuss the potential rise of entrance fees, instead of just doing it.

It costs money to keep preserve
our parks and other natural wonders

When you hear that fees are going to be raised, your immediate response will probably be “What!! That’s not cool. I don’t want to pay more”, but let’s take a minute to see what the National Park Service is actually proposing for 2015. Of the 401 parks, mountains, forests, nature preserves, etc. that the National Park Service oversees, only 115 are thinking of raising their entrance fees for individuals and vehicles. Most National Parks do not even charge an entrance fees and won’t begin any time soon. And 15 parks that do charge a fee are also not thinking of raising the costs of a visit.  So we are basically only talking about an handful of national parks that are thinking of a minimal raise in entrance fees. Feel a little better? Let’s look at one of the parks that is thinking of bumping up the cost of admission.

Hiking in the Grand Canyon should be something we can continue to do for generations to come
Hiking in the Grand Canyon should be something we can continue to do for generations to come

The Grand Canyon is thinking about rasing their entrance fees in 2015

The Grand Canyon, as it stands right now, will run you about $25 for a single vehicle to enter for 7 days. The proposed entrance fee for 2015 is (maybe) going to go up to a whopping $30. Per car. For a seven day pass! If you squeeze four friends into our passenger vehicle, that’s less than the cost of a movie per person. And if you haven’t been to the Grand Canyon, I can personally guarantee you that seeing it is more incredible, and will fill you with more emotions and create longer lasting memories than any movie can or will. I don’t care how good that movie is. The same goes for Yellowstone, and Yosemite National Parks who are thinking of similar changes.

Yosemite National Park is one of the few parks that is thinking about raising entrance fees in 2015. Totally worth it!!
NPS.org photo: Yosemite National Park is one of the few parks that is thinking about raising entrance fees in 2015. Totally worth it!!

What is the National Park Service spending the extra money on?

80% of your entrance fees will go directly back into the individual parks. The other 20% is split between all the parks that do not charge an entrance fee. The tiny bit extra they will make can put them on a path to catch up on some much needed improvements and upgrades.

According to an August memo written by Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis, we the people have 60 days to express our opinion on the proposed increase. So, let your voice be heard.

My Impressions on the National Park Service entrance fee increase proposal

Personally I can’t believe they haven’t just raised the prices. I can’t believe they are actually asking for our opinion on the matter. But since they asked, let me tell you; I would gladly pay $5 more to make sure the Grand Canyon doesn’t become one big garbage dump. Think of how much it must cost to maintain all the trails and keep the park safe for the millions of visitors a year. Not to mention the cost of picking up after the millions of visitors have left. I can’t even imagine how much time and money is spent just to clean up all the garbage that each visitor leaves. I know everyone says they clean up after themselves, but we all know that isn’t true, and giving you that scenic, clear and clean view of the grand canyon without a million plastic bottles and chip bags stuck between every rock is worth $30 alone.

For an extra $5, this natural wonder at Yellowstone National Park can be preserved and protected.
For an extra $5, this natural wonder at Yellowstone National Park can be preserved and protected.

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I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

Lady In Dark

Halloween, Heeeeeeere’s Johnny!Wilson died in 1911

I love scary books, I love scary movies and I love a good ghost story or unexplained phenomenon. For me, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a screening of The Shining, and this year will be no different. It’s our permanent date for Halloween. I know the book and the movie inside out, but I didn’t know how room 217, the topiary animal garden and the creepy twins roaming the halls came to be.

It all began right here in Colorado….

What Colorado has to do with
Stephen King’s “The Shining”

The Stanley Hotel in Este Park, Colorado is famous for its paranormal activities. After staying in room 217, and strolling the topiary gardens, Stephen King and his wife became witnesses to strange phenomenons and activity that inspired The Shining. I love a good ghost story, and the Stanley Hotel has some good ones, and those are not just stories… There’s history behind Room 217.

The Stanley Hotel’s Haunted History

In 1911, Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, chief housekeeper at Stanley Hotel, was going from room to room lighting the acetylene lanterns when an explosion occurred while she was in room 217. She was shot through the floor, breaking her ankles and landing on the floor of the room below. Since her passing in the 1950’s,  it has been reported by guests of room 217 that Ms. Wilson may still be hovering about the room, taking extra special care of the guests, even going so far as to unpack and put their things away for them. She doesn’t appear naked from the bathtub, so that part Mr. King has thought up all on his own, but no doubt that creepy lady from King’s room 217 was inspired by Ms. Wilson in the real room 217, right here in Colorado.

The Stanley Hotel
The Stanley Hotel, Este Park, Colorado. Stephen King was inspired to write The Shining while staying in room 217. By Renoman58 [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
But just like the book, the paranormal is not confined to just one room, but throughout the whole hotel. Every room has had reportings of items being moved from place to place and lights going on and off. And then there is the fourth floor. Which is said to be entirely haunted by the spirits of children running up and down the halls. Is there anything scarier than hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet, accompanied by the giggles and laughter of children who passed a long time ago? Guests of the fourth floor often report getting “tucked in at night” by the children’s nannies.

And no haunted hotel would be complete without the original owners. Yup, F.O. and Flora Stanley still “spend time” at the hotel. F.O. will wander about in the lobby, while Flora heads straight for the Musik Room to play her piano, just like she used to do when she was still alive. Unlike the Overlook Hotel in The Shining, these ghosts are friendly ghosts. They loved the hotel and still “take care” of the guests

Antique Chickering Piano, Stanley Hotel
Flora Stanley’s piano in the music room of the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. Guest have heard music playing and seen the keys moving by themselves. By ajmexico [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

My Impressions of Ghosts

Now I know there are skeptics who will have a logical explanation for all the unexplained activities reported at the Stanley Hotel. Or are quick to throw the idea of ghosts out the window. But when it comes to ghosts and the paranormal, I’m the type of person who “wants to believe”. And until we can explain these unexplained phenomenons, I will keep an open mind to the existence of ghosts, spirits and maybe even an alien or two. And even if you don’t want to believe, you can still let your imagination go for just one night a year: October 31st. Happy Halloween!

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Reinventing Ski Films: #Afterglow to be released this weekend!

If your not ready for Winter this may get you excited to see some snow!

Sweetgrass Productions filmed 2 professional skiers at night wearing LED suits

“We had a pretty crazy dream and I’m just glad we had the means to realize it”
– Afterglow co-director Nick Waggoner

AImpressionss usual, our Group is all about finding the most awesome content on the web. This is SWEET, AWESOME, CHALLENGING, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING and ENLIGHTNING… Yes, caps are intentional. Screaming all those caps with passion at the top of my lungs. Watch the teaser, surely you’ll agree. It’s 3 minutes of amazing. Think outside the box


Reinventing ski films

Sweetgrass Productions really deserves all hats off and all thumbs up for this 12 minute film they titled: Afterglow, filmed in Alaska, at night!

Two of the best skiers: Pep Fujas and Eric Hjorleifson, put on LED lighted suits and went downhill for a couple of nights of extreme, scary but amazing skiing. The 3 minute of skiing are like nothing I’ve seen, truly fabulous! Again, watch the clip! And tell us if you don’t think this is fantastic. Now, we wait for Sunday when the whole 12 minutes of the film gets released. Can’t wait!

“This is our way of saying: Hey, skiing has been filmed for like 60 years but there are still ways to reinvent the medium and still ways to look at it with fresh eyes,” says Waggoner.

New ways of thinking, new ways of creating

Need new ways to promote your business online? Give us a call, we got great ideas!

Great ideas, great stuff


There’s a New Gigantasaurus in Town! Oh, and there’s Ebola…

Online content creators
Ebola at airports screening
Chicago Tribune Graphics

I’m not going to write about Ebola!

Before I start not writing about Ebola; there are cases of Ebola IN TEXAS. What? How is there an Ebola outbreak in Dallas?? Someone needs to start talking. NOW! Luckily I live my life by Thelma and Louise’s “whatever you do, find some way we don’t gotta go through Texas” motto, but I can’t control where my airline decides to layover. Texas is pretty much unavoidable when you fly from Central America to North America or Europe. Anyway, I’m going to try really hard not to mention or think about Ebola* for the rest of this blog…

“Happy non-Ebola news:
Smiley 50th AnniversaryThis month is the 50th anniversary of the iconic Smiley! The creator, local Massachusetts artist Harvey Ball got $240 for creating the Smiley for an internal boost to morale at an insurance company. He never copyrighted the image, neither did the company he made it for, making it the most iconic non-commercial free image in the world”

New giant dinosaur discovered in Argentina

Dreadnoughtus schrani was discovered in 2005 in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina.
Source: Wikipedia Illustration by Jennifer Hall


Anyway, let me start over. I’m not going to write about Ebola because there’s a new gigantasaurus in town! It was discovered in Argentina and it is the largest terrestrial animal ever found weighing in at 65 ton! For those of you keeping score, that’s just over 8 times the size of a T-Rex. It has been named Dreadnaughtus, which would imply that this is not an animal to fear, but though it may be a plant eater, it is still bigger than a Boeing 737 and comes equipped with a weaponized tail. Perhaps a more appropriate name would have been “Dread-me-slightly-saurus”.

Dreadnaughtus Size Comparison Chart
Source: Wikipedia

“Fun Ebola fact: while most consider the Ebola threat to Latin America low, Argentina – and the rest of south and central America – have already begun to prepare for a potential Ebola outbreak.”

As awesome as I think it is that we are still discovering new dinosaurs in 2014, I can’t help but wonder is this news is only coming out now as a distraction from the fact that Ebola has broken out in Texas and Washington!! The Dreadnaughtus was discovered back in 2005. Why are we only hearing about it now? “Don’t look over here where there’s Ebola, look over here at this shiny new dinosaur.” I’m on to you, US government!

So, now that I know I don’t need to be afraid of the newly discovered dinosaur, do I need to be afraid of contracting the Ebola virus? Let’s go down the CDC Ebola preventative check list, shall we?

  1. Practice careful hygiene. For example, wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and avoid contact with blood and body fluids. (check!)
  2. Do not handle items that may have come in contact with an infected person’s blood or body fluids (way ahead of you. Also: gross!)
  3. Avoid funeral or burial rituals that require handling the body of someone who has died from Ebola (I think I can handle that. So far so good)
  4. Avoid contact with bats and nonhuman primates or blood, fluids, and raw meat prepared from these animals. (D’oh! So close to a perfect score. I live in a country where bats are frequent and there is a monkey in my yard right now. And it is adorable. Even though I am reading from the Center for Disease Control’s own website telling me not to touch that monkey, the only reason I am not touching that cute little nonhuman primate, is because he won’t let me!)

I give myself a 3 ½ out of 4 on the Ebola prevention check list. And in terms of not making this blog about my sense of impending doom by Ebola, I give myself an A for effort.

*The Ebola virus is “highly infectious but not very transmissible”, and experts are pretty sure we won’t be facing an epidemic any time soon. Ebola is much less infectious that the measles or the flu. It is called the “caregivers disease” because you have to have been in direct contact with an infected person (Source: Washington Post).

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